Steph @ Internet Librarian 2008

December 3, 2008

Final pearls of wisdom/cool ideas/to do list

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  • need to research “narrowcasting” (digital signage): – a company uses the Wii system as server!
  • use digital display for rotating art of local artists in HUMS
  • use bluetooth technology/cell phones/podcasting equipment for Central tours –
  • use Flickr Groups for competition for best Central Library photos (here’s Abigail’s Central photo group:
  • The Librarian is the product to market –  Librarians=real!
  • David Lee King – check out Topeka & Shawnee County PL marketing
  • Stephen Abrams – mobile is the future
  • Nancy Dowd – be transparent and honor all communication channels (awesome at promotion – would love to have her do a training in OR)
  • Authenticity! me=real i.e. “Amazing Michael” PR from ALA
  • Relate with stories/testimonies
  • Accept imperfections in projects – just get it out there – doesn’t have to be perfect
  • Try to measure the right stuff
  • Word of mouth – 10% of the folks influence 90% of the folks – reach those 10%
  • myStarbucks – take input – use the vote – use polls i.e. CNN polls
  • Seth Godin – permission marketing, opt-in
  • Use GoogleAdSense
  • Buy databases as a patron and demand an intrinsic and easy-to-use marketing campaign
  • Market to voters – review OCLC: From Awareness to Funding – are we transforming lives…and how?
  • this is an attention-driven economy
  • danah boyd – coming up/here – mobility and web 2.0
  • we are in a big melting moment – take the histories we have and share – can’t play ostrich ‘cuz technology is here to stay
  • awesome powerpoint: Cliff Landis – all powerpoints:
  • steps for new way of planning – 3 minute plan and be willing to fail SPECTACULARLY
    1. try
    2. be fast (3 months tops)
    3. be human and patient with yourself
    4. don’t overplan – you can’t think of every eventuality/possibility
    5. assess – write in assessment into your plans – get user feedback and use it
    6. reflect
  • Howard Rheingold – keep up with literacies (micro-blogging) and don’t worry so much about the technology (Twitter)
  • These technologies create a new sense of community (how does this affect the library as a third place?)
  • digital natives – self-guided and in need of guidance
  • the library’s place:
    1. how do you find any answer?
    2. how do you know if true?
  • need IT advocate who is also a librarian (I love the title “Digital Futures Librarian” from San Jose PL)
  • reach out to the micro-communities (long tail)
  • how to do distance learning within MCL (maybe webjunction?) – save gas and time!
  • investigate technologies presented by Connie Crosby and Elizabeth Lane Lawley
  • promote videos at point of need (maybe the video being made with the OSL grants can be used in this way?)
  • let bad ideas die
  • create a culture of innovation – don’t be a naysayer – it’s hard to know what’ll happen unless you try

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