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December 1, 2008

Lunch time chats – Google’s Chrome and Drupal

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Chrome – verdict – not ready yet

      • Just one text box – no matter what you type in – both search and urls
      • Scott McCloud comic
      • Tabs – each tab is a completely separate windows – own memory space, cpu usage = better efficiency
      • No Home page – when start new tab – remembers your most visited
      • Remembers stuff
      • Developer stuff
        • Task manager – stats on efficiency
        • Keeps itself in check
      • Incognito window – private space (won’t go into history)
      • Rendering – not gecko, but webkit (same as safari)
      • But – still in beta – not recognized (even with google groups)
      • Doesn’t quite recall form info (back button doesn’t work yet)
      • Adobe plug-ins don’t work


  • good option for cms for website
  • database – node – content housed in database – pieces are nodes (chunk o content)
  • modular; framework
  • plug in what you want; skip rest
  • the drupal flow
  • data = content, pages, etc
  • modules = must have – content creation kit (CCK); views; pathauto (url fixer)
    • other good ones = faq; event; search404; taxonomy; tinymce or fckeditor (wysiwyg editor); webform
  • advice
    • think about TYPES of pages on site at the beginning – content type & permissions
    • urls don’t have to mirror menu structure – friendly urls are more important
    • give yourself time to template – don’t start from scratch – good default ones (i.e. Zen)
  • – fab site for info
  • drupallib – library listserv

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