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December 1, 2008

Crafting the User-Centered Library with Cliff Landis

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  • very good powerpoint
  • why get involved with emerging technologies – outreach & service
  • create things that are designed by the user
  • old skool =
    • traditional planning – convince, $, find the tool, succeeds or fails (hoop jumping)
    • committee approach – exploit the “what if” weakness and destroy – association professionals through the ages (you tube)
  • evolving library – try, assess, reflect, try, assess, reflect – repeat til it works – we don’t need to drag the process out

1. try

2. be fast (3 months tops)

3. be human and patient with yourself

4. don’t overplan – don’t think of every eventuality/every possibility

5. assess – you can’t measure progress w/o measuring

· write in assessment into your plans

· get user feedback and use it

6. reflect

  • 3 minute plan
  • Be willing to fail – and SPECTACULARLY
  • Assessment
    • Customers will tell you the best experiences (gather and replicate) and worst (remove)
    • Surveymonkey, polldaddy
    • Focus groups – only a few folks –
      • Get someone else to moderate – podd evaluation w/ Theresa
    • User observation – camtasia, captivate on computer – hook up to a mic (3 party is best)
      • Clickheat – clicks heatmapping (install on website!) – MCL uses crazy egg
    • Anecdotes – STORIES from experience of users
      • Have something to offer – compensation for time – vendor swag – use to promote databases !!!
      • Get out of the library
      • Everyone loves to give opinions
    • Embrace the power of selling out – offer ads for free stuff
  • Get bosses buy in
    • Give data and stories – satisfaction #s; best/worst experiences
    • “The Practice of Social Research” by Babbie – get data!!
  • Go ahead and do it half-assed – but don’t wait – be honest! “here’s something” – refine and redo later
  • Be user-centric!!
  • Be willing to do the work – “that’s awesome – I can’t wait to see what you come up with”
  • Let bad ideas die
  • Create a culture of innovation – don’t be a naysayer – let ‘em try it out – don’t know unless they try
  • Tell us what you think – suggestion box – away from staff
  • Get input from everyone – be vertical – all levels, ages, users
  • Let the haters hate – let it run off your back; long-timers – be patient – but make sure they hear what’s happening
    • Pair up long-timer w/ new folks – spread the mentorships!
  • “advanced poll” code – can embed into web and see others results
  • Be careful about language – try alternative language to get at the idea (don’t say “search the catalog” – say “where can you find a copy of ‘Tom Sawyer’?”) – see if they make the mental leap

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