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October 21, 2008

precon notes – Beyond Podcasting: Making Stars w/ Nancy Dowd

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Nancy is a fun and informative speaker – I’m really looking forward to attending her other workshops/chats.  Her blog is The ‘M’ Word

Best Bits:

  • “Over 20 million people listen to podcasts because they are passionate about a subject.  They want to hear from people who are as passionate” – folks want to hear people who are passionate about their subject
  • For videocasts, she brought in a Flip
  • A lot of folks learn for of good podcasts by word of mouth
  • A podcast is intimate (someone is whispering in your ear) – people don’t want a list of upcoming events whispered in their ear.
  • How can you make your podcast unique? Could be the delivery, the unique content, etc
  • Need to make chapters for long podcasts!  Or else, a table of contents with minutes/seconds of where to find specific content
  • Ideas – be consistent and engaged – don’t have to do a show once a week, but be consistent
    • interview interesting people around Portland
    • top 10 lists (book talk of top 5 sci fi books?)
    • do a series – how to get the most out of your library
    • 1/3/5 minute tips (how to print at the library, how to use a database, how to copy & paste, how to use the self-checkout machine, how to look for programs in Event Finder, etc),
    • tour of Central
    • interview “living books” – resources/experts in the community – magazine-style – Kim’s email
    • do a short pre-interview of an author and then plug upcoming Writers Talking (and maybe remind folks of past podcasts)
  • Be kind to your listeners and edit – get rid of dead space, ums and clucking tongues
  • general rule of thumb – schedule 10 minutes for every podcast minute!  Chris Hatfield, you are a dynamo!
  • Good podcasts to model: MOMA (need to investigate the momawifi– maybe for the tours committee at Central!), Discovery Channel, NPR, Trivia War, One Minute Tips,
  • Get moo cards – they are adorable!!!
  • Maybe use 2B to record in a controlled space
  • we received a booklet and it has many voice, breathing and mouth exercises to warm up
  • the higher the voice, the closer you should sit to the mic
  • speak to the back of the room, smile when you speak, breathe
  • how to improve your voice instantly: relax (don’t hunch up shoulders or tense up neck) and when you inhale, push your stomach out (allows you to completely fill your lungs)
  • to make a great podcast:  plan; rehearse, then record; be concise; make it interesting
  • ask local bands to provide background music! short, fun intro song? fade music out
  • – podsafe
  • for interviews, create a green sheet with a written intro, 3-5 questions, bio in bullet points, and a bibliography of sources – if series of interviews, establish certain questions to ask everybody
  • phone interview, use skype (service allows you to call any cell or landline for $30/yr) and call recorder (but mac based?) (to record the conversation)
  • if a person is going on, say that’s very interesting and if they could make it a shorter soundbite

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