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October 21, 2008

Making a Difference with Digital Media – Greg Schwartz, Sam Davis & Joy Marlow

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Greg’s presentation is at slideshare (branding: not just for cows anymore)

  • Identity – composed of what I say about me & what others say about me (rep)
  • You don’t own your online id – but you can influence it
  • Personal branding – stuff you do to build your rep
  • Six tips:
  1. have a home base (blog, page, facebook, etc) – claimed – can identify the crumbs online about you (and not you) – disambiguation
  2. own your username – i.e. librarian in black, open stacks, etc
  3. aggregate your lifestream – providing a way for folks who are interested in you, have one place folks can go that aggregates all these i.e. friendfeed
  4. Join the conversation – authentic, thoughtful
  5. What are others saying about you – google alert – twitter search
  6. be authentic!!

Joy & Sam from Columbus Metropolitan Lib – another fabulous job title: Digital Experience Analyst

  • selling ideas to admin & staff – if staff don’t believe in it, they wont do it
  • what’s viable and useful of new tech – bring customer along
  • our website – how do they use it and what do they want from it
  • sometimes things go wrong
  • keep up with the literacy, not so much the technology (howard rheingold)
  • terms of use – 3rd party vendors – BEWARE:  copyright, annotate use of service
  • unclear strategy – decide how to use, who will implement, how do these fit in overall strategy
  • Learn & play @ CML – 23 things
  • Engage your customers – staff & customers
  • Believe in what you do – be genuine, authentic – show admin passion, how will we benefit,  how will customers benefit
  • Beta page – experiment! Have customers experiment, too (buy-in!)

Tips & tricks

  • Prototype – create working model – give ‘em something to look at – helps sell it to admin & staff – i.e. CML is working on a citywall project – allow users to interact with each other – CML & Helsinki (like iphone) – prototype – “multitouch screen” – like HWD wall – what value does it bring – community participation
  • Let it be torn apart – put it out there, let them use it, get feedback i.e. google code – beta
  • Don’t be afraid to fail – need to at least try – be authentic and adjust
  • Use staff champions of 23 things – empower staff to help with specific things – check out Learning 2.1

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