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October 21, 2008

Giving your Marketing & Advocacy a Second Life – Nancy Dowd

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  • Powerpoint will be at “TheMWord” blog
  • Customer is in charge
  • Offer transparency
  • Fears: censorship; image control – don’t agonize – put it out
  • Authenticity – I am REAL i.e. “amazing Michael” ALA PR
  • Accept imperfections
  • Measure the right stuff (outcomes)
  • Word of Mouth 10% influence 90% of the people – reach that 10%
  • Testimonies = stories
  • new Word of Mouth
    1. Listen
    2. Give ‘em what they want
    3. Find the influencers
    4. Provide choice of tools
    5. Let ‘em spread the word
    6. Listen again then make changes
  • Give customers a real say, i.e. Starbucks (MyStarbucks) – take poll and then customers vote on best choices
    1. Online & Mobile
    2. Slate – election updates
    3. “Opt-In”
  • Text Message voting
  • Contests
  • News alerts & trivia
  • Online databases – use google adsense – demand database company to offer marketing campaign that’s easy and reaches our customers – buy as a patron – if campaign not intrinsic & easy-to-use, say NO
  • Green = Hot!!
  • Submit stories to CNN, MSNBC, Assoc. Press – they need stories
  • Stories more than stats – need a face
  • Market to voters – OCLC’s report: “from awareness to funding” – voters wanna know “Are we transforming lives … and how?” i.e Nancy Dowd – Sean YouTube video = awesome library storytelling
  • Nancy is going to train NJ librarians how to do the following (and she is willing to travel! – connects with Oregon stories and Oregon libraries – and do some library promotion training as well = awesome opp!!!):

1. collect stories

2. how to tell stories

3. how to create digital stories

4. using OCLC report – focus on key voter issues

5. create a state-wide Story Bank

  • collect stories – ask customers/storytellers if they would speak to a reporter, be willing to record on podcast and video
  • Use volunteers, interns, library supporters, teens to create stories
  • Remember – KEEP AUTHENTIC

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